Camp T History

In 1974, Michigan School for the Blind (MSB) Superintendent Dr. Robert H. Thompson established Camp Tuhsmeheta (Camp T) to provide an outdoor education for students with visual impairments.

For nearly 20 years, the MSB used Camp T for its students. Due to declining enrollment, the MSB ultimately closed its school and no longer had MSB students to serve.

The MSB continued as an outreach office for the state while continuing to maintain the camp and facilities. Michigan allowed organizations serving students with visual impairments to use the camp for outdoor education programs.

In 2006, the MSB was renamed the Michigan Department of Education – Low Incidence Outreach (MDE-LIO). MDE-LIO began offering its own programs at the camp while still allowing outside organizations to use Camp T.

Camp T Today

Today, the camp is open to youth education groups that have a focus on outdoor education. While programming for students with visual impairments is still our focus, we encourage youth education groups to take advantage of this beautiful, natural setting.

The camp is located on Flannigan Lake at the western edge of the Morgan Mills chain of lakes. With 301 acres, Camp T offers a variety of opportunities for all seasons. Shopping centers with restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail are within five miles anytime you need to restock supplies.