Due to COVID-19, Camp T is only open for reservations that will take place after September 6th, 2021. Until further notice, day use camps will be limited to 30 people and overnight stays will be limited to 22 people.

Summer Activities

Camp T's summer season runs May through September.

Camp T is located on Flannigan Lake at the western edge of the Morgan Mills chain of lakes. With 301 acres, Camp T offers a variety of activities for all seasons. From hiking trails to swimming in the lake, each day can provide a new experience for campers.

Some activities are high-adventure activities and require a certified supervisor. For high-adventure activities not supervised by Camp T, you will be responsible for providing a certified supervisor. You must also be able to verify the person’s qualifications for Camp T.

If a high-adventure activity is unsupervised or the area is otherwise misused,Camp T may terminate the remainder of your reservation at the camp. Please be sure to arrange for certified supervisors in advance with Camp T.