Due to COVID-19, Camp T is only open for reservations that will take place after September 6th, 2021. Until further notice, day use camps will be limited to 30 people and overnight stays will be limited to 22 people.

Climbing Tower

Climbing tower at Camp T

  • 40-foot tower
  • High-adventure activity
  • Varying degrees of difficulty

Reach new heights with Camp T's three-sided climbing tower. Whether you use it for character building or thrill-seeking, the climbing tower provides an exciting experience in a safe environment.

The tower offers different features on each side. The flat side rests at a 90-degree angle, the adapted side features a 20-foot incline, and the extreme side has chimneys going away from the base.

Use of the climbing tower is a high-adventure activity and requires informed consent for participation. All climbers must wear a harness. Camp T staff must be present as the activity supervisor. Only certified Camp T instructors may lead this activity.

The informed consent form can be found in Camp T's Camper Information and Consent Packet [PDF].

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