Due to COVID-19, Camp T is only open for reservations that will take place after September 6th, 2021. Until further notice, day use camps will be limited to 30 people and overnight stays will be limited to 22 people.


  • Roughly 6 miles of hiking trails
  • Varying degrees of difficulty
  • Trails go through wooded areas and by the lake
  • Paths are well-worn and easy to follow

Explore Camp T with our hiking trails. Take a nature walk or get in some exercise by hiking our scenic grounds.

Storywalk®: Camp T is set up to offer a unique educational experience. The camp has a three-quarter mile trail set up with 14 podiums in the Jack Pine area. Each podium is an opportunity to stop on the trail and continue reading a story or provide another lesson. Call Camp T for specific ideas before your visit.

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